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Already 45000+ would-be Ruby programmers have purchased the Ruby eBook. Get a copy now of the Ruby programming book ideal for the Ruby beginner.

The Ruby eBook covers Ruby 2 and contains all the Core Ruby programming topics on the site. This Ruby eBook is the ideal companion for students in the Online Ruby Class at and provides an overview of Ruby programming.

The eBook is over 240 pages and is in pdf format. The cost of this eBook is only US$ 9.95 and is being collected to help RubyLearning maintain the site and the eBook, and also provides quality content to you.

Here's what one satisfied customer, Thomas Johan Eggum from Norway has to say:

After years with Java development and some various experience with the framework Ruby on Rails, I wanted to get a broader knowledge with the Ruby language. I stumbled over Satish's website, and decided to read the book "The Ultimate Guide To Ruby Programming". I found the book easy to read and very efficient with regards to covering the essentials of Ruby. There is no confusing overhead, and the material is presented in an informative way. After each chapter there is a summary and an exercise part, making it easy to verify progress. I can highly recommend this book for those interested in learning Ruby. I also found the book helpful when studying towards the certification "Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Silver".

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